This e-book offers bundled expert knowledge on what is currently the most important social media platform. On 40 pages you'll find all the basics, important ideas, inspirations and a lot of best cases for content, as well as helpful tools and tips for your Instagram account, tailored to musicians &  bands.

Instagram is on everyone's lips: a huge reach potential, strong commitment, direct interaction with the target group. But as great as the potential is, so great are the problems: How to take off? Post what? How to win Follower? And all this with few resources and without money?

We have gathered all the questions from countless conversations with artists, many workshops and music business conferences. We looked for answers in sessions with experts, drew on many years of personal experience in marketing music projects, talked to artists who, in our eyes, do outstanding work.



“Who is interested in social media storytelling will like this e-book."
Dirk von Gehlen / Süddeutsche Zeitung / Piper Verlag
"Stories! - Instagram for Musicians & Labels provides instagram insider knowledge specifically from an artist's perspective, with many best practice examples. I have read the book with profit and pleasure and will recommend it to all our artists."
Rajk Barthel / Kick The Flame Publishing
"Stories! - Instagram for Musicians & Labels gave me many new ideas for my Instagram. Very compact & recommendable playbook for DIY musicians*."
Simon Borer / Long Tall Jefferson / Red Brick Chapel


Low Budget High Spirit is an independent music business know-how platform. The sharing of knowledge, whether "giving" or "taking", has always been a basic idea of our work. In a highly competitive music business that relies on scaling and capital strength, we want to strengthen everything that the independent part of the market ideally stands for as a counterweight: Fair deals, the effort for artistically relevant topics, eye level between all participants, transparency & passion.


After spending several years as a touring artist, Fabian Schuetze founded the creative collective Analogsoul in 2008, having always taken a keen interest in the business side of the industry. His agency Golden Ticket currently looks after Martin Kohlstedt, Sarah Lesch and Max Prosa in terms of booking and management and works on a number of projects with partners such as Rough Trade and Warner Classics among others.


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